Saturday, 27 June 2015

Auckland Writers Festival

In May I presented a workshop and a Family Day session at the Auckland Writers Festival. It was great to be in the middle of so many young writers and readers, talking about myth, stories and comics, and showing the first part of Otea: Rock of Ages to a wide audience. 

At the packed workshop for Year 7-11 students, I presented some ideas on character design inspired by mythology, and then the kids had a go at creating their own mythological creature. There were some cool and innovative designs created!

 Some student work created on the day - fantastic designs and character profiles.
Photographs copyright Zak Waipara 2015.

I also had a great time being involved in the Family Day - it was really fun, with parents and children chatting afterward while I signed comics!

 Presenting the Maori Myths session at Family Day, Auckland Writers Festival 2015.
Photograph copyright Tama Waipara 2015. 

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