Thursday, 5 November 2015


Copyright 2015 Zak Waipara
I started on artwork for the next part of the story, and thought I would share some of that here. I hope to add more of this work in progress as I go.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Auckland Writers Festival

In May I presented a workshop and a Family Day session at the Auckland Writers Festival. It was great to be in the middle of so many young writers and readers, talking about myth, stories and comics, and showing the first part of Otea: Rock of Ages to a wide audience. 

At the packed workshop for Year 7-11 students, I presented some ideas on character design inspired by mythology, and then the kids had a go at creating their own mythological creature. There were some cool and innovative designs created!

 Some student work created on the day - fantastic designs and character profiles.
Photographs copyright Zak Waipara 2015.

I also had a great time being involved in the Family Day - it was really fun, with parents and children chatting afterward while I signed comics!

 Presenting the Maori Myths session at Family Day, Auckland Writers Festival 2015.
Photograph copyright Tama Waipara 2015. 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Review

A thoughtful review that appeared on the NZ COMICS Facebook Group by Eric Cresswell (aka EHC Art)

"Awesome read of te hoa's first comic book "Otea, Rock of Ages" by Zak Waipara. The art style feels as though you're looking through the eyes of our protagonist Kurutai, a child’s perspective - simple and abstracted as he interprets his new surroundings. There are nice graphical elements dispersed throughout the panels. But my favourite feature of this comic is the tale itself, it is almost poetic, especially the dialogue between the animals. Kurutai's innocence and unawareness makes for humorous effect. Also for those non te reo speakers or those unfamiliar to Maori mythology you get a bit of a 101 on Maori words and phrases used throughout a lot of the book. You can tell Zak has put a lot of time and effort into this mahi, all the more Tautoko to the bro for creating a comic that not only children will enjoy, but still has enough depth for older readers also. Seeing as it's kinda a prologue we're left hanging waiting for the next installment and the continuation of our characters’ adventures. Mauri tu, mauri ora, mauri moe, mauri mate!” 

Tena koe Eric!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Transmedia and Comics

Timed to coincide with Chromacon, I was asked to present at a Transmedia NZ meetup about Transmedia and Comics – specifically the use of comics as a storytelling medium; the benefits of comics as a platform for transmedia content; and best practice tips on collaborating with comic creators.

Transmedia NZ is a group that supports the ongoing development of New Zealand’s transmedia production community, by creating opportunities for collaboration and sharing ideas.

My 2014 Master of Design thesis (AUT) focused on transmedia storytelling by telling a part of the Otea story through a comic, motion comic and game, so I have had some experience in adapting and creating stories across platforms.

Otea: Rock of Ages 1 launched

Haumi e, hui e, taiki e!

The first issue of  Otea: Rock of Ages was launched at Chromacon 2015 (18-19 April). Chromacon is an indie arts festival that showcases the work of New Zealand illustrators, comic artists and other creators. It was a great place to meet a wide cross-section of people and introduce Otea for the first time. Chromacon also interviewed all the creators on their tumblr - my interview is here.

Photos copyright Zak Waipara, 2015.